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Менса: лучшие из лучших!

Mensah: best of the best!

Mensah - one of the largest and oldest organizations in the world that unites all people with high IQ, open to all comers. All you need - to pass a standardized test iq better than ninety-eight percent of the population of our planet. In other words, your IQ must be above 148 units.

Mensa was founded in 1926 by British Lancelot Lionel and his partner and friend Roland beryllium from Australia. Members of the organization are considered "cream" of society, as incredibly difficult to get there and just at the same time - is "only" get into the cherished two percent.

    The organization has its own Constitution, which defines the following objectives:
  • comprehensive development and support human intelligence;
  • study of the characteristics, nature and use for the benefit of humanity and intelligence products of its activities;
  • full support of all members of society, creating and providing them with the respective conditions for intellectual development.

    By the way, Mensa - a non-profit organization and does not set a goal of generating income. It is noteworthy that a member organization may be really one: the American dramatic actress Judy Davis to three years Benjamin Woods and his same age - Michael Ali, who knows all the Arabic alphabet with ease subtracts and adds four-digit figures in mind and mastering the multiplication table.

    total in Mensa has branches in more than fifty countries that combine more than one hundred and ten thousand members. Most large national organizations are in the UK and America. So, Mensah U.S. consists of more than 56-thousand, the British half. Groups are divided into local (in the U.S., and 134), the number of members in them varies from one hundred to two thousand. To become a member you need to pass iq test under the supervision of an official representative who will register your score. If a country is not a resident of the national organization, you can send the request directly to the International Organization. But the rules of online testing is strictly prohibited.

    annually in international and national organizations a variety of activities, including an annual meeting in which participants read their interesting reports, discuss interesting topics, conduct round tables, play games (poker, scrabble, mafia, chess), etc. . Complete and test intelligence test you to see if you have the chance to become a member of an organization.

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